I was sad when I was not able to attend the first BDJ event. It was held at Ace Water Spa and from that day on, I promised that the next BDJ event, I will be there rain or shine.

When I saw the Facebook post that BDJ Box will held an event, I was hesitant to join at first because I do not have a BDJ box.  Yet when I found out that it was open for every Filipina, I immediately emailed my top three talks because it was first come, first serve basis.

When I received an email from BDJ telling me I got a slot, wow it was more than winning a lotto! I was so happy and excited to attend the BDJ Box Beauty Social. The event was held, March 24 at SM Mall of Asia, Atrium. It was from 10 am to 9 pm but the talks started by 1 in the afternoon.


Invitation for the talks!


I was glad that I came very early to the event because I had an ample time to check all the booths before the first talk. I first went to the Fashbook booth and luckily I got a mirror from their draw lance. I was curious with the offer of Browhaus and Strip so I signed up and tried their free upper lip threading! I wanted to cry because at first it was painful but I kept telling on myself, no tears Pau! You can do it! After a few minutes, I survived! 🙂

I visited the Goody booth and I’m one of the first 500 to received an ouch less ponytail. I really wanted to know if my skin is dry and good thing there was a moisture meter test gadget from Physiogel to determine your skin moisture. Yay! My skin moisture was still normal and the friendly Physiogel staff gave a free sample cream.

Before I registered for the first talk, I went to the pink carpet and got myself a free picture taking.  I felt like a ‘celebrity’ when the photographer took a photo of mine! 🙂

The gorgeous Miss Kat Dy, one of the BDJ Box beauty ministry hosted the event.


Before the first talk, there was a mini ‘bring me’ game. Lucky girls won some prizes courtesy of Goody.

Beauty Ministry Q and A was the first talk and fortunately I’m of the Bellas who attended it.


BDJ Box Beauty Ministry: (L-R) Miss Kat Dy, Miss Tara Cabullo, Miss Nicole Romero and Miss Kate Alvarez

ImageThough it was scorching hot from their spot, the three lovely and witty ladies were so game in answering all the beauty inquiries. I got so many information from them about using eyeliners to people who does not have eyelids to the spot eraser for pimples. The best thing that I learned from the Beauty Ministry ladies was you should use sunblock though you are not heading to the beach. You should apply it to your skin especially when you are in front of the computer because only jeans can protect you from the sun.  

The second talk began by two in the afternoon. It was Primed and Pretty with Mr. Krist Bansuelo.



ImageMr. Krist was awesome in teaching us the proper way to remove and applying make-up. I listed down the 5 new things that I learned from Mr. Krist’s talk.

  1. It is advisable that your make-up should only stay for 3 hours.
  2. When choosing the right BB cream for your face, you should always consider the best color that fits your complexion.
  3. Water is very important to hydrate your skin so before applying make-up, spray water to your face and let your skin absorbs it.
  4. Put a concealer on the center of your eye before applying eye shadow.
  5. Oily means that your face is already dirty and using just a tissue would not help you to cleanse the oiliness with your face. Physiogel cleanser is the perfect product to gently take away your make up.

After the two talks I attended, I got my free loot bag! Hooray!  It contains wonderful products from the most leading brands!


Love the goodies!

I visited the other beauty station before heading home. There were so many girls waiting at Revlon for the free make-up and Max Factor for free manicure. I was not able to try the free nail art at Yuka because I already have nail art with my fingernails. I got a glimpse of Shiseido products and the new Selena Gomez’s fragrance. The L’Occitane gave free cream samples and I’m glad to be introduced with Snoe. The pretty Miss Len was so accommodating with my questions about their products.

Too bad, I had to go while the third talk was in full effect. I had so much fun with the experience that I’m so thrilled to share it with my friends and co-workers who was not able to show up with the BDJBox Social Event.


Thank you so much BDJ! You’re the best! Congratulations for the success! God bless!


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