I avail of facial treatment once in a while. When I found out about a cut-off deal with a Radiofrequency treatment, I did not hesitate to buy a voucher.

The offer came from the Orange Body Lab.  It is a place that specializes in beauty and personal care. As I entered, the place, I was immediately drawn to the smell of oranges, which soothed me. The reception area was so clean and there were several chairs with orange pillows on top waiting to be sit on.

I approached the receptionist and she inquired about my name. She promptly told me to wait for awhile while for my room. I chose for the said treatment and this Ultrasonic Age Defying Facial with Vitamins ACE.  Each costs 99 pesos. 

The Radiofrequency (RF) treatment was performed onto me. RF is the newest non-surgical way to reduce cellulite and break down fat cells. The treatment is applicable to, thighs, buttocks, face, arms, neck and stomach.

My tummy has always been my problem. It easily gets big though I do not each too much. As the years passed, it becomes a ‘bilbil’.

As I lay down the bed, the medical professional reminded me of some important things. First, I was not allowed to stand up when the session has begun. She even put a metal plate at my back to avoid being static. Also, for the next 24 hours, I was not allowed to take cold drinks and for the next 8 hours, I could not take a bath. Lastly, she told me the RF treatment was like massaging my stomach and I should inform her asap if I could not tolerate it.

The buzz coming from the equipment indicated the end of the session. Result?  Stomach felt great, but with just a little bit of warm sensation.

The said facial treatment was performed after. According to them, unlike, the usual facial treatment, this one helps you achieve a more youthful look. The no-peeling and no-injections treatment let the vitamins deeply penetrate your face.

The same medical professional first cleaned my face using cotton buds and a cleanser. She then applied a cold liquid gel. It was followed by a hot liquid gel that was spread only on my mouth part. The fragrant cream was the finale and my face was totally rejuvenated afterwards.  Before the end of the whole session, she advised me not to wash my face for the next 8 hours so that it would absorb the vitamins.

Radiofrequency treatment maybe done around twice or thrice a week while the facial is you can do on a weekly basis. Aside from this, Orange Body Lab also offers liposuction cavitation and intensive diamond peel to name a few.

You most likely don’t get the result immediately because still it is based from your lifestyle. Stop eating too much fatty foods. Drink a lot of juices and water.  And, as much as possible, we should try to sleep early.

Be beautiful inside and out with Orange Body Lab. Book your appointment now!

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