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Everyone needs to relax and be pampered. Once in a while, we want a massage for our tired bodies. Good thing there is Mont Albo Spa!


I found this amazing spa through Pevonia Botanica Philippines. It is the newest spa partner of Pevonia Botanica, a leading skincare company that provides excellent skin services.

As I was browsing my Facebook wall, Pevonia posted a status message about a FREE massage for the first 20 callers. Without knowing where and when the free massage would be, I immediately dialed the number posted. Luckily, I got in. I was surprised with the greeting of the person on the other line and I wondered did I dial the wrong number?  The guy was speaking in Spanish and I was speechless for a second.  Then I immediately asked about the promo and the telephone operator informed me that the free massage could be availed of only that day (January 21)! Totally unanticipated!

He then asked me about the time that I would visit their place and the service I wanted.  I was not really familiar with the services but I queried about their back massage. He promptly recommended their “Filipino Hilot”, which according to him was great for back pains. So I took that one, and he got my contact details and gave me directions.

I got lost going to Mont Albo, so I arrived 30 minutes late for my appointment. Though I came in late, the friendly staff greeted me with ‘Muchas Gracias Senorita’ which made me smile. I loved the attire of the receptionists. They wore Spanish style costumes that complemented the ambiance of the spa.

My massage therapist Jeck (I’m no sure about the spelling) was very kind and accommodating. As I entered the massage room, Jeck told me I should take a bath first before the massage. She asked me if I wanted to experience their sauna, but I declined because I preferred the traditional cold shower. I washed up using shampoo and liquid soap provided by Mont Albo which I enjoyed.


The massage room was simple but relaxing. In the room there were an antique small desk, immense mirror, a bayong which contained the things to be used after the shower and one shower room. The back-ground music calmed my mind so well that I all I wanted to do was close my eyes and doze off. I just closed my eyes though. I mean, who would want to sleep through this amazing experience?!

The Filipino Hilot that I requested was unfortunately unavailable because they did not have banana leaves at that time. So Jeck suggested Bentosa which I agreed with. Before going out of the room, Jeck notified me that she would just wait outside and I must knock to call her attention. So I relaxed for awhile and did as I was told.

The massage rapidly began as I lay down the bed. I felt like I was in heaven as the massage progressed. My body, mind and soul were simply revitalized. The ‘lamig’ at my back went away because of Jeck’s feather like touched. The massage lasted for 60 sweet minutes.

I was ready to leave after the massage but Jeck brought in a tray with a cup of water for tea, a plate containing watermelon, papaya and pineapple, and a small bowl of hot water. A folded small towel was to be dipped into the water then wipe off the oil off my skin. As I dipped the towel with a spoon, it became large, which fascinated and surprised me. It was definitely new kind of service instead of mere handing out hot towels to costumers.

At the counter, the dashing Mr. Nol Montalbo, CEO of Mont Albo asked me about the whole massage experience  which much sincerity, I quickly replied that I liked it.

I was about to go when the receptionist gave me a food stub. So aside from the actual free massage there was even free meal! As I was relishing my dinner, the marketing manager of Mont Albo inquired further about my experience. I commented that the massage and their services were great because my body was satisfied.

Congratulations to Mont Albo Spa for the successful soft opening. Their massage services are highly recommended. Rest assured that you are be glad with the result of your stay.

Visit Mont Albo Spa now! It will not disappoint you.

Mont Albo Spa

2nd Floor Highpointe Bldg.,

Pasong Tamo corner Yakal St., Makati City

 (02)403-22-70 | 0917-887-60-70


I’ve been hearing of Les Miserables since college. It was my theater professor’s favorite play. She informed us that it was one of the most spectacular musical plays. The characters and songs are loved by the theater enthusiasts because one could easily relate to it. I got curious about it back then that I promised myself that if it would be shown on-screen, I would watch it, no matter the cost.

True enough, the play hits the big screen! What a great way to start the year! 🙂

I should not miss it! Those were the exact words I told myself when I almost lost hope in getting premiere tickets to the movie. On the last day that Monster Radio RX 93.1 gave out free Gala Night tickets at Newport Cinema Mall in Resorts World Manila, I won two and it was like killing two birds with one stone. It would be my first Resorts World visit.


Definitely a dream come true!

The Gala Night took place January 9 and we were required to wear formal attire. Before the screen showing, local singers- Christian Bautista, Audie Gemora and Karylle performed songs from Les Miserables. These were incredible performances. I was star-struck with all the celebrities whom I saw and who passed by the chair where I was seated. The Gala was a night of glitz and glamour because of elegant dresses, shiny accessories and cameras all over the place.

Unfortunately, the premiere did not happen that night due to technical problems and the staff let us wait for TWO HOURS before announcing so. Looks of disappointment were all over the cinema house. My first Gala Night was, for a lack of better word, miserable.

Of course, the movie definitely was not, as I will later on talk about.

So to compensate for the failed movie screening, Newport Cinema decided to exchange the Gala Night tickets for Cinema 3 regular movie ticket which was worth 300. We can only use the tickets from January 15 to January 23. I immediately asked for the details of the ticket redemption and luckily I was able to catch the movie just this Sunday.

Accompanied by a good friend, we rushed to the movie house, which was almost full. Fortunately, there were four vacant seats left. And though my friend and I would be rows and columns apart (the four seats were away from each other!), we quickly grabbed the seats instead of waiting for two hours and 40 minutes for the next showing.

Here are some comments on the movie. To those who have not watched it yet, don’t worry I am not giving spoilers here. Rather I will just list down the strengths and flaws of the movie.



Hugh Jackman– You are probably aware that Wolverine from the movie X-men was portrayed by no other than this dashing actor. We are used to seeing Hugh always in action, but probably not in tears.  And in Les Miserables he burst into tears, and I believe it was a first. From the beginning till the end, I saw only Hugh Jackman portraying the kind-hearted Jean Valjean. He deserved the Best Actor award from the Golden Globes.

Anne Hathaway– Yes it’s true, she could sing, and she did great playing Fantine. No doubt, Anne Hathaway can make everyone laugh and cry and her own rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” was amazing. That scene was just perfect that all I could do was stare at Fantine. I give her a round of applause for winning Best Supporting Actress and also cutting her hair short, which made her even prettier.

Russell Crowe– The ‘Gladiator’ turned singer. Every time Javert came out of the scene, it really scared me. What was he going to do? Would he find Jean Valjean already? His struggle at the end within himself was epic.

Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen– I hated Helena for being the mean Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter Series but for being the crazy Madame Thernadier, I could not help but like her. The Thenardiers were the best characters for me. They were so comical that even the dullest moment would make me laugh. Without them the movie would be quite boring. I just so loved Helena and Sacha!

Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne– I thought Cosette and Marius’ love story would end up like that of Romeo and Juliet. Good thing it didn’t. I liked Eddie Redmayne because his acting as Marius was convincing. Meanwhile, I did like Amanda Seyfried yet I did not feel her acting as Cossette. Eddie and Amanda’s chemistry was sizzling hot though.

Samantha Barks– I was expecting her character to be one of the villains but Eponine made me cry instead. Her singing “On my Own” deeply touched my heart and the pouring of the rain in the background made me weep even more. Good thing I had tissues with me and lots of them.

The kids: Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche and Isabelle Allen as Young Cosette- I have to give credit to these two youngsters whose acting I found superb and who made the movie more relevant for the younger viewers of Les Miserables.

“Do You Hear the People Sing”– This song would probably be your last song syndrome. The scene when this was sung was kept playing on my mind even hours after I finished watching the movie. Or probably even up to now!



Singing instead of throwing the lines– I could not understand some of the lines they chanted. Moreover, not all of them had a great voice.

The ending- I expected to witness a more striking finale. Some of the previous scenes made me burst into tears and I thought the finale would top them all.


The film was worth the watch and that you better not miss it. As I hinted, just come armed with rolls of tissue. I definitely learned a lot from and enjoyed this movie. I hope you will as well.


Feel free to leave some comments! 🙂

December is almost over. I still feel the rush. This is the season when people get busy. Parties, bazaars and night markets are everywhere. I could not stop myself from shopping and spending my money. And now that it is 2013, it is good to start the year right by giving myself a reward. An awesome massage for my body to release all the stress is all I need. 

Good thing there is FootSpa– a cozy spa located at Promenade Building in Greenhills. If you are up for a quiet place for relaxation of your body, you should check it out.


“The Footspa Signature”

As I entered the area, the friendly and cool staffs of Footspa greeted me. They immediately asked for the service that I wanted. 

I looked at their menu services and tried their Signature Body Massage which costs just php 380 for one hour and 30 minutes. Definitely affordable!  They also offer body scrubs, Thai massage, Ventosa Massage, manicure and pedicure. You can tag along your friends and enjoy their awesome package deals.  You can pick between their Diamond Package, Platinum Package and The Ultimate Unlimited Spa which comes in reasonable prices.


From head to toe

They requested that I take off my pants and wear a pair of shorts. 


See these big and unique slippers?

I wore them before going to their massage area. It was so comfortable on my feet that I did not want to remove them! I also loved the ambiance of the massage area, and the back ground music made me feel like I was in some rainforest!

The massage started from my head down to my feet. You can choose from soft or hard massage. I got the soft massage which proved to be good for my back pains so much that I wanted one more round! 


I also enjoyed the free green tea drink after the pleasurable massage that soothed my body. 


A lucky reader will get a chance to experience FootSpa because I’m giving away 200 GCs!


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